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Quick setup:

Reference Awesome.ClientID to your Web Application.

Modify your web.config to include the HTTPModule:

<add name="PageSerializer" type="Awesome.ClientID.PageSerializerModule, Awesome.ClientID"/>


Pages will have two Json arrays written to the HTML doc. 'controls' and 'properties'.

To access the ClientID of your control, simply type:


This will corospond to the ClientID of the control, 'ctl00ContentPlaceHolder1txtUserName'

For use in JavaScript you can now type:

var usernameTextBox = document.getElementByID(controls.txtUserName);


To serialize properties in your page or usercontrol, add the attribute to the property 'CanSerializeProperty'.

Now you can access properties in the same way you access controls.

If you had a property called FullName, you can access it like:


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